ARTLAB J is pleased to present the 3rd Annual Detroit Dance City Festival (DDCF) in downtown Detroit.  The three-day community building event celebrates dance in its various forms and disciplines with workshops, performances and networking opportunities held at various locations throughout the city July 30th, 31st and August 1st, 2015. The mission of Detroit Dance City Festival is to educate audiences about the impact of dance, provide opportunities for artists to share their work, and create artistic networks between Michigan, the United States and the world. The Detroit Dance City Festival will showcase the work of over 30 national and international performing artists and companies.

Last year’s Festival drew over 1,500 Festival participants.  The Festival hopes to continue to grow this year with the creation of an international collaborative project spearheaded by the Festival’s parent organization, ARTLAB J. The Detroit Dance City Festival (DDCF) and South Korean based Gwang Jin International Summer Dance Festival (GSDF) has created a new international exchange initiative in order to cultivate cross-cultural artistic experiences and continue developing Detroit as a global epicenter for dance. 

The Festival will also host over 30 diverse dance workshops led by some of the field’s leading practitioners whose styles range from modern to jazz, ballet to hip-hop.  Aside from the performances and workshops, Festival participants are invited to relax, network, and meet the artists and other festival goers at the official after parties each evening.  


Platinum Level Package
$500 or Above 

4 VIP Tickets to all performances of the 3 day festival.
Name or LOGO will be boldly displayed around the festival and all advertising include our website, programs, tee shirts,
and any addition advertising we may use.
4 Tickets to ARTLAB J  Detroit Dance Race.
Tee-Shirt and Copy of Program

Gold Level Package
$300 to $499  

2 Tickets to all performances of the 3 day festival.
Name or LOGO will be displayed in some advertising which could include our website, programs, and could be used for addition advertising we may use.
2 Tickets to ARTLAB J Detroit Dance Race.
Tee-Shirt and Copy of Program

Silver Level Package
$150 to $299  

2 Tickets to all performances of the 3 day festival.
Name will be displayed in some advertising which could include our website, and programs.
Tee-Shirt and Copy of Program

Bronze Level Package
$50 to $149  

Name will be displayed in our programs.
Tee-Shirt and Copy of Program

$1 to $49  
Name will be displayed in our programs. 

-Artistic Director

Joori Jung is the Founder of ARTLAB J and Artistic Director and Choreographer of ARTLAB J Dance. Originally from Seoul, Korea, She received her B.A (2006) and M.A in dance from Kyung Hee University in 2008.  She toured internationally with the Seoul Dance Theatre from 2004-2007 and she was Final List Performance at the 2007 Seoul International Dance Competition and 3rd prize performance at the 2007 Korea National Dance Competition. She danced with various dance companies in Korea before moving to New York in 2009.  She then joined Time Lapse Dance and Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre and began her own choreographic work in New York.  In 2012, she moved to Detroit to achieve her goal to expand contemporary dance as well as the arts community in Detroit and decided to establish the ARTLAB J, 2012.  

What to Expect at the Detroit Dance City Festival

Over the years, Detroit has turned from a once roaring motor city, to the epicenter of flourishing creatives and entrepreneurship. New business ventures budding by the day, art and music creation in full swing, and then there is dance. Dance is Detroit’s best-kept secret, and in the summer of 2015, ARTLAB J is ready to let the cat out of the bag! We will host the 2nd annual Detroit Dance City Festival. Our goal is to bring to light to the emerging dance scene, and bring to the stage Detroit’s finest talent. In addition to amazing performances, we will bring together renowned names in dance to have them share their knowledge to all those whom attend the festival.  We hope to have Metro Detroit dancers and all others alike come together and celebrate the art of DANCE!


ARTLAB J is a non-profit organization to provide a space for performing arts and to help build a larger and stronger dance community in the city of Detroit encouraging more unity between the city, the metro area’s dance companies and studios, individuals and beyond bridging the gap between other cities, as well.  ARTLAB J encourages artists to present their work, giving them an opportunity to contribute to the cultivation of the arts.  ARTLAB J hosts dance classes, the Detroit Dance Race (a showcase and choreographic opportunity for emerging artists several times per year), and is planning the third annual Detroit Dance City Festival for July 30,31 and August 1st 2015.

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