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Screen Dance International partners with ArtLab J to bring screendance shorts and artists from around the globe to Detroit Dance City Festival on August 10, 2018 at the majestic Detroit Institute of Arts. Founded by Joanna McNamara, JMc/Productions, SDI, a traveling screen dance festival, highlights a wide range of dance genres including urban street dance, post modern dance, contemporary dance, world dance, ballet, dance theatre, jazz, experimental dance, animation, and tap dance. 



Friday, August 10th

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Lecture Hall, Detroit Institute of Arts



TICKETS: $5 General Admission

*Online sales closed.

Please buy tickets at the Welcome Center! 


  • "Akasha” Sean Wirz (Switzerland).

  • "Nine2Five," Joseph Galba (Michigan, USA).

  • "The Dreaming City," Andrew Dejohn (California, USA).

  • "Digital Afterlives," Richard James Allen, Karen Pearlman (Australia).

  • "skies calling skies falling," David Hodge, Hi-Jin Kang Hodge (California, USA).

  • “Vis,” Laura Zago (Italy).

  • "Groggy Grugg," Conor C. Long (Utah, USA).

  • “Shoe Horn/Office,” Ingrid Nachstern (Ireland).

  • "underneath," Charlie Stellar (California, USA).

  • "Dark Night, Cold Ground,” Shaun Clarke (Massachusetts, USA).

  • "All,” Sarah C Prinz, Daniel Rosenberg, Amy Wilkinson (Illinois, USA).

  • "Triumvirate," Monica Campbell (Utah, USA).




Joanna McNamara is the founder and curator of Screen Dance International, is a contemporary choreographer, dance film maker and scholar with an interest in capturing the convergence of relationships and activities reflective of Detroit and other urban landscapes. She is creative director of JMc/Productions, a non-profit organization for the purpose of making and presenting dance films and, along with Marcus White, White/Werx, is also co-founder of Screen. Dance. Now. Her dance films have been presented in conjunction with the Manhattan Contemporary Chamber Ensemble at Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall (2014 and 2016), at the International Video Dance Festival in South Korea (2015 and 2016, 2017), at Detroit Dance City Festival, on CTN-TV Ann Arbor, and in a variety of other regional and national venues.

 Joanna’s dance film “LANDcakeLOCK,” which was made with filmmaker Steven Karageanes for Moving24FPS, was awarded Audience Choice and presented as part of Detroit’s Cinetopia Film Festival (2017). Her chapter, “Filming Jitdance; Detroit Redux,” will soon be published in Back to the Dance Itself: Phenomenologies of the Body in Performance, (University Illinois Press, Sondra Fraleigh ed). It is about the process of making her dance film, “Jitland: Detroit Redux” (2016), at the Heidelberg Project in Detroit, along with Detroit Jit dancer and choreographer Haleem “Stringz” Rasul. Joanna is a professor in the School of Music and Dance at Eastern Michigan University.