On view throughout the festival weekend, The heART of Dance, Detroit presents work by renowned photographer John Sobczak. Showcasing the talents of Detroit’s diverse dance scene, Sobczak’s photography captures his artistic collaborations with several local dance companies.

Big Red Dance.jpg

With photography featuring:

ArtLab J I

ArtLab J II

Ballet Edge Detroit

Big Red Dance

Contexture Dance Detroit

Cranbrook Kingswood Dancers


Kristi Faulkner Dance

Pure Existence

Take Root Dance

Wayne State University Dance Majors


“Dance has become a passion of mine. There is nothing more beautiful than an expertly choreographed and perfectly performed dance routine. Dancers are both amazing athletes and passionate artists. But it is in the movement that the true magic begins, the flow of energy between dancers as they perform.”

“With this in mind, I approached the best dance companies in the area. I worked with each to select a location that reflected something of their nature. The best locations were visually stunning but also creatively challenging for the dancers. Because of the diversity of styles, each company approached the technical and creative choices differently. Every image is a collaboration between myself, the dancers, and the location. The result of each, different, but just as beautiful. My hope is that some of that energy is captured here for all time.”


Lorien Artwork.png

John Sobczak has always been about photographing people, from some of the most notable individuals of the day, Muhammed Ali, Gordie Howie, Lily Tomlin and Jeff Daniels, to some of the most interesting though perhaps lesser known. It has always been about capturing who they are, recording for all time the people that make this world so special. Through his many books and other personal and commercial projects he has collaborated with writers, actors, musicians, and now dancers to showcase their amazing talents. His work has received numerous awards and has been part of several exhibits, and his images are part of the permanent collection of two major museums, The Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Cleveland Museum of Arts.